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We just wrapped up our 8-week keto cooking class and will come out with a spring schedule soon. Until then, bon appetit! 

Let's GET HEALTHY in 2021!  I don't know about you, but I am.... 

  • Struggling to work off the extra pounds!
  • Tired of yo-yo diets that never work!
  • Not exercising enough (read: at all)!
  • Eating too much turkey, stuffing and holiday baking!
  • Losing count of quickly abandoned resolutions!

Please join me – I’ll be doing the program along with you! – in this realistic, healthy, long-term approach to revitalize your health with my South Beach Keto Cooking Program!

This class will follow Dr. Arthur Agatston’s philosophy, research and book, “The New Keto-Friendly South Beach Diet: Rev Your Metabolism and Improve Your Health with the Latest Science of Weight Loss”.


  • Phase 1 & 2    $350* (8 weeks)
  • Phase 1          $200* (4 weeks)
  • Phase 2          $200* (4 weeks)


As we learn and cook together through Phase 1 and Phase 2 of his book, you will:

  • develop life-long habits of healthy eating and cooking
  • learn the techniques behind the recipes
  • meal plan for the week
  • learn tips and tricks to transform your meals
  • receive recipes, shopping list and equipment list

All to make cooking fast, easy, healthy and – most importantly – fun!

You’ll learn how and why things work and the importance of the right ingredients, tools and techniques. Cooking for one or ten, we’ll talk about way to use a recipe in different ways, tips on how to make-ahead, store and freeze. You will also receive preparation instructions so plenty of time to gather your ‘mise en place’ and be ready to cook.


After nine months in quarantine and a cholesteral test later, I need to rejuvenate my health, get my LDLs down and get my movement up. So let’s channel our collective group power and all focus on rejuvenating our health together in community!


Requirements: Please read Chapters 1 through 7 of the book before Jan 9th.

BookThe New Keto-Friendly South Beach Diet

Includes: Recipes, shopping list, equipment list, wine recommendations, links to purchase equipment and specialty items

Does not include: food, equipment

Live: All classes hosted live on to a limited number of students

Replay: The class will be recorded and available within a week in case you miss a class or want to refer back.
Refunds: No refunds are available. If you have an emergency, you are welcome retake the class at a later date when it is offered. 

Is this a gift? Please include the name and email of the recipient so we can send a welcome and class details. Gift certificates must be redeemed within a year of the date of issue. Thank you.

More information on Dr. Arthur Agatston & the Keto Plan

South Beach Keto Cooking Program