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Cohort #2 – Registration is closed!

April 2 through May 21, 2022  |  Saturdays 10:00am – 12:00pm PT      

Experience a new community of like-minded friends for life, understanding the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and scientific benefits of healthy cooking, not just to eat but to heal!

Each week, for eight weeks, we will: 

  • learn new culinary techniques and cook recipes that demonstrate different ways to use that technique

  • learn from medical doctors and world-renowned experts on many common illnesses, what it is, what it does to our body, the science behind it and how we can heal from and survive these illnesses by cooking healthy food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We'll also tackle mental and lifestyle challenges in our lives and how to heal from food and movement. 

From one of my students: “… I am an 84-year-old widower who lost my gourmet-cook wife two years ago … I was fortunate to join
Laura's cooking class and it changed my life … class was both fun and enlightening. I am no longer afraid of the kitchen. I embrace it and I haven't had a frozen dinner in a year. Planning, shopping, cooking, and eating have become paramount to my life, and guests for dinner are now both exciting and routine
…” ~Bob L

COURSE #2 SCHEDULE: April 2 to May 28, 2022

April 2, 2022:  

  • Health Focus: Lifestyle Medicine: The 6 Pillars for Longevity and Health

  • Culinary Focus: Leafy Greens

April 9, 2022: 

  • Health Focus: Mindfulness + Meditation 

  • Culinary Focus: Whole Grains

April 16, 2022: 

  • Health Focus: Organic/GMO: The truth behind the labels

  • Culinary Focus: Eggs-Dairy-Meat

April 23: NO CLASS 

April 30, 2022:

  • Health Focus: Inflammation + Chronic Illnesses

  • Culinary Focus: Vegetables

May 7, 2022:

  • Health Focus: Gut Health + Microbiome

  • Culinary Focus: Fruit

May 14, 2022:

  • Health Focus: Cardiovascular System + Diabetes

  • Culinary Focus: Fats & Oils

May 21, 2022:

  • Health Focus: Hormones

  • Culinary Focus: Legumes

May 28, 2022:

  • Health Focus: Neuroplasticity

  • Culinary Focus: Fish

PLEASE NOTE: the dates of health focus topics may change due to speaker scheduling conflicts and recipes might change to better align with the health focus.

In this exciting, new course, you will learn how to:

•    cook faster, easier, healthier than you ever thought possible
•    save 5-10 hours every week using my proven shopping, food prepping and cooking methodology
•    make food your medicine
choose foods and lifestyles that will heal and nourish you

•    learn from world renowned doctors, mindfulness leaders and fitness experts
channel your inner celebrity chef and have fun!


I take the intimidation out of cooking by teaching the key techniques – roasting, poaching, braising, soups, sauces, vinaigrettes, etc. – to cook just about anything and we will all cook together live, learning from experts and asking questions in real time. 

What are techniques? They are the most basic formula for a method of cooking. For example, once you understand the technique of poaching you can poach ANY thing – chicken, fish, pears, eggs. Once you know the technique of soup, you can make ANY kind of soup.  Once you know the technique of sauces, you can make ANY sauce. Release yourself from the shackles of a recipe and cook to your taste, and more importantly, to your health.  Everything we cook in this course is healthy—heart healthy, body and mind healthy. 


And...we will learn from medical doctors focused on plant-based lifestyle medicine, world-renowned fitness experts and mindfulness leaders about the most prolific diseases in our society and what foods and practices are critical to help prevent and heal these diseases. They will discuss how critical these practices are to live a life of radical self-care and ultimately heal ourselves to live our best, our healthiest, our most vibrant life.  

Course Specifics

  • Includes: Recipes, shopping list, equipment list, mise en place prep, links to purchase equipment and specialty items

  • Does not include: food, equipment

  • Live: All classes hosted live on and limited to 20 students

  • Replay: The class will be recorded and available in case you miss a class or want to refer back.

  • Refunds: No refunds are available. If you have an emergency, you can retake the class at a later date if it is offered or another class of the same value.

  • Is this a gift? Please include the name and email of the recipient so we can send a welcome and class details. Gift certificates must be redeemed within a year of the date if issue. Thank you!


What is included in this program?

  • Weekly cooking classes and expert teachings

  • Private Facebook Group to ask questions, share experiences, collaborate and exchange ideas with your community.

  • Learn from a professionally trained chef and sommelier, world-renowned fitness and mindfulness experts, and medical doctors focused on plant-based healing

  • Daily messages with cooking tips and tricks, videos, mindfulness prompts, fitness exercises, articles, research, and other relevant information

  • Access to recorded classes

  • Books by the experts

What do participants need to provide? 

  • Ingredients for recipes if you'd like to cook along

  • Cooking equipment 

  • Laptop, tablet or other type of computer to participate in the virtual classes

  • account (free version)

  • Printer for recipes, shopping and equipment lists and other information

  • A willingness to learn and a heart to collaborate in community


COHORT #1 SCHEDULE: Jan 8 to March 19, 2022 - COMPLETED

January 8, 2022: Introduction Class + Breakfast

  • Review program, kitchen set up, food prep, mise en place, enhancing flavor, portions, shopping and more.

  • Focus: Tiny Steps to Build Healthy Habits - Jonah Larkin, L.Ac.

January 15, 2022: Knife Skills, Soups, Stocks

  • Recipes: Carrot Ginger Turmeric Soup, Vegetable Stock, Bone Broth

  • Focus: Inflammation- Rachel Young, MD, DipACLM 

January 22, 2022: Sautéing, Steaming, Blanching

  • Recipes: Steamed Snap Peas, Camarones Barachos, Caramelized Herb Mushrooms

  • Focus: Cancer Prevention - Rachel Young, MD, DipACLM 

February 5, 2022: Poaching 

  • Recipes: Poached Chicken, Poached Fish, Poached Eggs

  • Focus: Diabetes (Pre- & Type-2) - Patricia Santana, MD

February 12, 2022: Vegetables, Legumes, Grains

  • Recipes: Curry Lentils, Herbed Quinoa, Asparagus Mimosa

  • Focus: Brain Health + Neuroplasticity - Manuel Velazquez

February 19, 2022: Vinaigrettes, Marinades, Mother Sauces

  • Recipes: Lemon Vinaigrette, Olive Tapenade, Tomato Sauce

  • Focus: Heart Disease, Stroke, Cholesterol - Patricia Santana, MD

February 26, 2022: Roasting, Broiling, Brining

  • Recipes: Broiled Spice-rubbed Salmon, Brined Roast Chicken  

  • Focus: ADHD, Dementia - John Ratey, MD; author of Spark, Go Wild, ADHD 2.0, Driven to Distraction

March 12, 2022: Braising

  • Recipes: Coq au Vin, Braised Endive

  • Focus: Anxiety, Stress - Justin Michael Williams, author of Stay Woke - Meditation for the Rest of Us.

March 19, 2022: Pickling, Fermenting

  • Recipe: Quick Pickled Vegetables, Kimchi, Kombucha 

  • Focus: Gut Health, INS, Crohn's - Patricia Santana, MD


PLEASE NOTE: the dates of health focus topics may change due to speaker scheduling conflicts and recipes might change to better align with the health focus.



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