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Wine 101  


  • Do voluminous wine lists make your eyes rolls and hands sweat?
  • Tired of snooty sommeliers?
  • No idea where to begin in a wine store?
  • Not sure what to bring to a party?


Before I went to school to study for my sommelier certification, I checked all those boxes! At the time, my wine knowledge could fit in a thimble and even though I’d been to cooking school, lived in France, and consumed copious amounts of wine, I quickly realized that I had never really tasted the wine.

My goal is to take the intimidation out of wine, to make it fun and accessible and to expand your exposure to the world of wine so that you can easily navigate a wine list, shop for the perfect bottle to bring to a friend or simply enjoy a glass of wine at home.


Classes will be conducted live via Zoom, fully interactive and all hands-on tasting. We will discuss the history of the wines, the terroir, the best food pairings with each wine and more.  

Sep 16 -  Chardonnay: Old World vs New World

Sep 30 - Pinot Noir: Old World vs New World

Oct 14 - Cabernet: Old World vs New World

Oct 28 - Wine + Cheese Pairing

Nov 11 - Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

Dec 2 - Wines for Holiday Meals - Christmas + Kosher Wines

Dec 9 - Wines for New Years


Includes: Class lesson, wine grid, food pairing ideas, list of wines and links to purchase wine

Wine: 2 to 3 wines per class, averaging no more than $20-25 each

Does not include: wine, glasses

Live: All classes hosted live on to a limited number of students

Replay: The class will be recorded and available in case you miss a class or want to refer back. 

Refunds: No refunds are available. If you have an emergency, you can retake the class at a later date when it is offered.

Is this a gift? At check out, please include the name and email of the recipient so we can send class details. Upon completion of purchase, you will be able to download a gift certificate which you are welcome to send to your friend. I will contact you to confirm I received the information and clarify the recipient and their email so I can communicate with them about scheduling classes.

Please note: all gift certificates must be redeemed within a year of issue date.


Caveat: Date and topics of classes subject to change if wines are unavailable.

Wine 101

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