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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

» What to buy that person who has everything?

» Looking to expand your repertoire past take out?

» Has the fire department arrived to put out a kitchen fire?

» More than once?

» Tired of opening the fridge and not having a clue what to make?

» Do wine lists make your eyes rolls and hands sweat?

» No more giving or receiving bad ties and ugly sweaters!


All from the comfort of your own home. Throw on your coziest sweats, grab a glass and a whisk and let’s have some fun in the kitchen! Group and Private | One-off and Series | Food and Wine Pick one or more classes or create your own class tailored to exactly what YOU want to learn, designed for your specific needs including dietary and health restrictions. Gift Certificates available for this. Please contact us to stir up the perfect class for you.

Learn to cook with ease

"...learn how to cook with ease and confidence, be able to open the fridge or pantry and whip out a quick, healthy meal..."

All classes are taught by a classically trained French Chef, Certified Sommelier and Author, Laura Pauli, featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, KQED, MyRecipes, NewsBreak and more with experience cooking in every kitchen imaginable from 3-Michelin-star to a lobster boat to the DaVinci Code chateau to PBS cooking shows to an Italian trattoria to a Paris pastry “laboratoire”. Laura also launched an online wine store, led collector wine tastings and rare wine dinners and wrote a book about her first few months cooking in France that was a finalist for the 2007 National Indie Excellence Book Awards.

Classes will be conducted live via, are fully interactive, all hands-on cooking and recorded, available on-demand to refer back if you missed a class or need a refresher. Ask questions in real-time as we are cooking together. My classes are geared for all levels of cooks from those super comfortable in the kitchen to just great at making reservations.

Wow Your Family and Friends

Be original, channel your inner celebrity chef, and show the world how easy it is to cook easy, delicious, healthy food.

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1 Comment

This idea for cooking classes is fantastic. Well done, Laura! I'm signing up for everything!

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